Gifts of Giving

    Thank you to our 2017 Gifts of Giving campaign donors!

    Les & Robbie Darnall
    Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants
    Cameron Allen
    Linda Allgeier
    Jim Bands
    Vince & Cheryl Bath
    J.E. Bedessem
    Joe & Lynn Benson
    Bill & Linda Biles
    Marianne Businga
    Keith & Rebecca Carron
    Linda Cavalli
    Dr. Mike & Leslie Comly
    Mike Cunningham
    Frank & Judy Cylvick
    Los Nerds BBQ Team
    Marilyn Engstrom
    Rex Gantenbein & Judith Powers
    Jim & Hattie Geesey
    William & Verna Guenther
    Barbara Gunter
    CL & LJ Guthmann
    Drs. Paul & Amanda Johnson
    Charles & Sandra Ksir
    Dana Kuhn
    Maxine & Gerald LeBeau
    Jason & Linda Lillegraven
    John & Ginnie Madsen
    Donna R. Marburger
    John R. McPherson DDS
    E.G. Meyer
    Holly & David Miller
    Tom & Sue Moore
    Carolyn & Robert Nelson
    Joan Rector & Family
    Terry & Beverly Roark
    Donald A. Smith
    John & Joyce Vandel
    Ron & Linda Van Ekeren
    Paulette Wagner
    Brad Waldbauer & Nancy English
    Bill Walden
    Christel & David Walrath
    Dr. & Mrs. William T. Ward
    Bill Werner
    Cameron Wright

    Warren & JoAnn Benson
         In honor of Our Parents
    Don & Pearl Bronz
         In honor of all prostate cancer survivors
    Tom & Laura Gaddis
         In honor of the Bragg family & the Gaddis family
    Nick & Nicole Hauser
         In honor of Alex & Blaire Hauser
    Edward & Lois Hiller
         Our Children
    Allen & Roberta Schimek
         In honor of Robert Schimek
    Christine Schultz
         In honor of David Kling
    Lowell & Susan Spackman
         In honor of Everett & Eunice Spackman & Eldona Gossman
    Germaine St. John
         In honor of exceptional healthcare at IMH
    Mr. & Mrs. J. Archie Barela
         In memory of Cynthia Lucero DeGeorge
    Bob Beck
         In memory of Dr. Debra Beck
    Dawn Benson
         In memory of Kris Kramschuster
    Jean Birkholz Family
         In memory of Dan Birkholz and loved ones
    Bill & Sandy Bittner
         In memory of V.J. Bittner
    Donald W. Boyd
         In memory of Margaret Boyd
    Kenneth & Bonnie Braisted
         In memory of Everett Denzin, Ernie, & Kathleen Braisted
    Cheryl Burnett
         In memory of Bob J. Burnett
    Betty Carstens
         In memory of Jim & Paul Carstens
    Maxine Chrisholm
         In memory of Granner Simmons
    Tim & Jackie Collins
         In memory of Kevin Collins
    Gary & Lois Crum
         In memory of Earl & Mary Crum and Frank & Patricia Morrison
    Erma Denzin
         In memory of Everett Denzin
    LeRoy & Karen Gabriel
         In memory of Mutt, Fran, & Mike Rollins
    Sharon & Bill Gern
         In memory of Kathie Dollinger
    Tolly Ann Gore
         In memory of Donald H. Gore
    CL & LJ Guthmann
         In memory of Peggy Guthmann Storer & Pauleen Guthmann Dolling
    Betty J. Harnden
          In memory of Floyd M. Harden
    William G. Hepworth
         In memory of Marilyn Beth Hepworth
    James A. Johnston
         In memory of Maggie & Gregg Jackson
    Lydia and Connie Kercher
         In memory of Clara Friday
    Cheryl Kiefer
         In memory of Charles Kiefer
    Carol Lane
         In memory of Royce Lane
    Chet & Robbie Lockard
         In memory of our grandparents & Chet Lockard Sr.
    The Lundahl Family
         In memory of Carl & Peg Lundahl, Linda Arata, Alex Dalles, Rob DeBree, Allison Hearne, and Jeff Bury
    Herb & Connie Manig
         In memory of Ralph & Mary Bullock
    Tom & Maleta Mangan
         In memory of Dorothy Johnson
    Zonda Markle
         In memory of Calvin & Jean Hopkins
    Linda Gore Martin & Tom Martin
         In memory of Robert H. Sutherland, Louise Gore, Les Gore, Tia Essley, and Karen Ricley
    Audrey & Rick Melone
         In memory of our parents
         In memory of Jack McCormick
    Virgil McCullough
         In memory of Charlotte McCullough
    Mike & Joan McGill
         In memory of John & Thelma McGill and Floyd & Jean Drury
    David R. Miller
         In memory of Frank & Lillian Miller
         In memory of Barbara Nickerson
    Juliet & Ernesto Medina
         In memory of Jesse & Marcaria Lopez
    Donna Thompson
         In memory of Jeff Thompson
    Jeanine Niemoller
         In memory of deceased members of Rob & Jeanine Niemoller Family
    Stephen & Brenda Page
         In memory of David Bott
    Robert J. Powell
         In memory of Ellen "Geri" Hood
    Anne F. Rebka
         In memory of Glen A. Rebka, Jr.
    Paul A. Rechard
         In memory of Mary & Ottis H. Rechard
    Raymond & Bonnie Robertson
         In memory of Ellene Harris
    Barbara Rodermel
         In memory of Chuck Rodermel & my parents, Robert & Opal Baker
    Roger & Cindy Rottman
         In memory of Dale & Eloise Rottman & Martha Walker
    Eileen Routson
         In memory of Jack Routson
    Guy W. Scarpelli
         In memory of Mom, Dad, and Uncle Tony Scarpelli
    Alan & Roberta Schimek
         In memory of Ann & Vincent Sachse and Lavern Schimek
    Marie Sheaffer
         In memory of Don Sheaffer
    Janice Shuster
         In memory of John Shuster
    Vince Siren
         In memory of Connie Hand
    Jim Slater
         In memory of Karol Slater
    Amy Smith
         In memory of Lilas Smith & Lorraine Cloyd
    Joe Southards
         In memory of Kathy Southards and Jack & Agnes Ruch
    Jim & Kellie Southards
         Richard Blakeman and Jim & Nancy Southards
    Emma Jo Spiegelberg
         In memory of Jim Spiegelberg & Jack Allen
    Mr. & Mrs. Joe Vitale
         In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Russell Vitale and Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Banek
    Fred & Peggy Waters
         In memory of Lue & Jean Waters, Edith K. Turner, Gregg and Maggie Jackson
    Randy & Stephanie Weigel
         In memory of George & Edna Brickell and Ruth Weigel
    Tom & Lora Wesche
         In memory of Fred & Ruth Dudley
    Deb Wessels
         In memory of Tim Paintin
    Laurie Westlake
         In memory of Lois & Mark Marquardt
    Phyllis Whitmire
         In memory of W. Dee Whitmire
    Alice & family
         In memory of Jack Schnitker
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